web-e+a_berlin_leipzig72dpiGalerie EIGEN + ART have been existing as a private gallery in Leipzig since 1983. The gallery project was unofficial till 1989, but due to it´s plenty activities and exhibitions, it became a centre of young unconventional art. Until the end of the 1980´s Galerie EIGEN + ART also obtained international attention, especially through the traditional fair in Leipzig. After moving several times inside Leipzig, the gallery is placed on the area of the Baumwollspinnerei Leipzig since 2005.

After 1989 Galerie EIGEN + ART decided to open temporary gallery spaces in international art metropolises. Galerie EIGEN + ART started with this spaces 1990 in Tokyo, followed by stations in Paris, Berlin, New York and London. At first the project was supposed to be temporary, but 1992 they settled in Berlin with a fixed gallery space.

The program of EIGEN + ART is dedicated to the different fields of contemporary art. Therefore the artists work in media such as film/video, photography, installation, painting and sculpture as well as conceptual art and performance.

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