The gallery was founded 1977 and specialized first on concrete art, f.e. Max Bill, Verena Loewensberg, Rudolf Jahns, Antonio Calderara. Since 1990 we are promoting color painting and showed such artists as Josef Albers, Piero Dorazio, Franz Gertsch, Helen Frankenthaler, Gerhard Hoehme, Raimer Jochims, Mark Rothko, Ricardo Saro, Jerry Zeniuk and others. The gallery organized congresses including exhibitions on such themes as Kunst und Geist (art and spirit) with Prof. Boehm, Basel, concept: color with Prof. Ronte, construction-concept-color, art, association and nature for the ministry of culture or book readings / discussions with f.e. Prof. Donald Kuspit, New York.

Services of the gallery include the support for ouevre catalogues and museum exhibitions as well as the advise and implementation of company and private collections.

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