Empowering Artists Minorities

Conference for Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion in the artists selected and collected by contemporary art museums, private and public collections

From the 21st until the 23rd of September 2023 the ODBK will run an ONLINE encounter with a series of lectures and discussions of all people (artists, academics, art critics, sociologists, art collectors, activists, etc.) who has something to propose of how to create diversity, equality, and inclusion in the selection and collection of artists and artworks by contemporary art museums, contemporary art institutions, and contemporary art private and public collections.  The purpose of this event is to gather all this knowledge to produce a book/document/protocol with a summary of  ideas, procedures, mechanisms, and strategies to create more diversity, equality and inclusion in the artists selected and artworks collected by the Contemporary Art Museums and CA Collections around the world.

Today 11th of February 2023 the ODBK is launching an OPEN CALL!! and an invitation to participate in the creation of this document/book/protocol that will define the decision making of the artists and artworks selected and collected in all those CA institutions and CA collections. All participants will be mentioned in this document and given credit for their participation.

1) Call for papers, ideas, proposals,…

First this is a call for papers, articles, ideas, proposals, thesis, etc., everything and everybody that has something to say and serve for the purpose of this event.

  • There is no limit on the size or number of words for the text
  • There is no formal text structure required
  • There is no restriction of nationality, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc…
  • If you want to speak over the conference please require it at the submission form.
  • Deadline is the 15th of July 2023 (EXTENDED UNTIL THE 15th of August)
Click here to send us your proposal, text, idea or abstract.

2) Call for participants and supporters

second this is a call for all art world participants and all culture lovers who dream to see an art world more diverse, equal, and inclusive. We call for your support to make this event a meaningful step for real change.

Click here if you want to be present in the event and be a supporter of this event.

We envision this document/book/protocol not as temporary and one-time made, but as a permanent and evolutionary tool that will be improved, changed, and perfectioned by humanity. We want to launch the first version, but for sure will be better and more versions in the future, and maybe should be one different for every country of the world.

We have a goal of gathering 15K Euros to create this book and distribute it all over the world.

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