Submission of proposal for the Conference 2024

What are the topics that will be involved in this Conference?

The Document to create equality and diversity for art institutions refers to a compendium of processes, ideas, and mechanisms as a base to create equality, diversity and inclusion for the decision-making of the artists selected and collected by contemporary art museums, private and public collections, and all contemporary art institutions where the selection or collection of visual art refers.

Main Topics for open participation and discussion:

  1. Problem and why is it necessary to create equality and diversity in the current contemporary art institutions?
    1. Problems
    2. Current context
  2. Resistance to show how equal or diverse the decision-making for the selection of the artists and collection of the artworks. 
    1. Why it come? Background/history (For example, paternalism, colonialism, …)
    2. How to face it?
    3. How to remove it?
  3. Parametrization of how to evaluate that an art institution is equal and diverse.
    1. Artist Profile characteristics (race, gender, age,..)
    2. Museum / Space characteristics (Space in m2, Budget, accessibility, does the artist receive a payment?)
    3. Procedures/process of decision-making (intentionality, open call?, how many curators were involved?, anthropological research justification, ….) 
  4. Techniques / Procedures of decision making / curatorial processes to create and ensure equality and diversity in short (1 year) / medium (5 years) / long run (10 years)
    1. How the internet and online tools could help
  5. Certification of equality and diversity for art institutions
    1. Process?
    2. Who should be involved in the process?
    3. Types of certification?
  6. Benefits and Obstacles
    1. What benefits?
    2. Who will benefit from this?
    3. Consequences and Obstacles


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