5537 Fernando Holguin Cereceres

I’ m a visual artist portraying the quotidian life in these socially challenging times. My practice spans a broad range of media including painting, sculpture, photography, video, installation, site specific, drawing, writing and performance. Like most artists I just feel to express and depict what I witness through my life. I will use any media, providing the concept is achieved as I intended. The media is only to express my ideas. Generally, my work relates to topics exposing a relationship between human beings and society as a whole. I’m interested in creating work that provokes a dialog, rather than telling or asking. I seek to separate the normal thinking, the assumed idea. And the subject, conceptual or otherwise, matters as a defining case. I’m very aware that once the artwork is in the public domain, the viewer can have any interpretation beyond the original intention, I believe it is a risk worth taking, that at the end of the day, if we like something, we don’t necessarily have to fully understand it. So long as we enjoy it. My proposal for the Art Market Regulation Commission and the ODBK open call “The democratic Pavillion” is an installation of the subject ‘New Morals’. ‘Seeking Transparency’ These works expose our own understanding on the world social acceptance or rejection on this topic, I changed the depiction of this ‘moral’ concept and question how humanity care and accept this new normalization. In these works is questioned the ways that we view conflict with regards to ethnicity and geographical location. The purpose of this project is to rise further awareness of the current normalization expansion we are being subject to around the world. A division that appears around the world in different scenarios with different cultures but echoes the same principle of separation.
Number of evaluations: 2
Artist in Demarchy process