Mariko Mori

Mariko Mori was born in Tokyo in 1967. The daughter of an art historian and an inventor, Mori studied fashion design in college and briefly worked as a model. Mori then pursued art at the Chelsea College of Art & Design in London (1989?92) and at the Whitney Museum of American Art s Independent Study Program in New York (1992?93). In her early photographs, such as Subway (1994) and Play with Me (1994), Mori appears as the cyborg heroine of a film who navigates the environs of Tokyo. In the performance Tea Ceremony (1995), Mori wore the garb of a prototypical Japanese female office worker and mechanically served tea to businessmen who passed her on the street.
Number of evaluations: 5
Concept: 81.60
Artwork: 77.40
Relevancia Mundo del Arte: 77.00
Relevancia Sociedad: 69.00
Pure Taste indicator: 71.37
Cap-price of an original artwork A4 size: 4,228.77 Euros