I work as space co-manager at Kulturfolger since 2017. Kulturfolger is a space dedicated to independent curatorial practice and artistic call to action. At Kulturfolger we make a fair amount of accessible culture happen, an important role to have in a small city like Zurich where oftentimes culture and its diasporas tend to be very exclusive. Kulturfolger is one of the few independent spaces in the city that supports global and local contemporary art and transforms artistic research into art production in a complete non-profit scheme. Besides organising and hosting exhibitions, we have supported transdisciplinary artists and art collectives with residency programs, published documentation catalogues and art books independently, hosted lectures and workshops and more importantly, we have created a space for knowledge and dialogue, forging a solid community of participants, enthusiasts and supporters. As a trained designer, I have applied my capabilities to tasks that include exhibition production and documentation, digital promotion on social media, search and application for funding sponsorships, managing travel and accommodation schedules, among others. On top of that, I have acted as art director and designer for two of the publications that document the activities at our space.

Important Exhibitions Attended

Mika Rottenberg @MAMbo, Bologna

Louise Bourgeois. The empty house. @Schinkel Pavillon, Berlin

Important Exhibitions Organized

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