The Art Market Regulation Commission  (AMARC) is a coalition of three groups that make decisions in the market / contemporary art world based on a democratic process. These three groups are: the institution, the artists and the art lovers.

In ODBK we pointed out that there are two crucial factors that directly affect the behavior of the current art market and also that these factors must be regulated. First, it is the importance of the artists, which is greatly affected by the reputation of the spaces. And second, are the prices of the work of art.

ODBK proposes that these important decisions in the art / art world market are made based on the principles of ” Participatory Economy “ (created by Michael Alberts) that says” decision-making is proportional to the degree to which it is affected by the outcome of a decision “. In the case of the art market / art world, we consider that the parties are equally affected by the decisions taken by the groups mentioned above: the institution, the artists and the art lovers. These three groups must comply with the Art Market Regulation Commission. ( AMARC )

The decisions taken by AMARC are:

  1. Which artists should participate in the spaces: public museums, public art spaces, spaces of non-profit organizations, private spaces certified by AMARC.
  2. Maximum prices for works of art in the primary and secondary markets
  3. Distribution of public funds for visual arts

Desicion Process

The decision process of AMARC is carried out by a minimum of 10 members of each group: institution, artists and art lovers. The decision group is selected at random by means of a software system. A characteristic of the decision group is that it should be international, a minimum of five countries should have representation in the decision. There are two types of votes: the Boolean vote (yes or no) and the vote of quantification (a number between 1 and 100). In the Boolean system the votes are counted and the side with the majority decides. And in the quantification system each voter must select a number between 1 and 100, then the number of the result is used to calculate the decision of a selection of multiple options.

AMARC Members

To become a member of AMARC, the applicant must complete the application form All applications are approved, without conditions. The only thing we ask of AMARC members is the responsibility and commitment to the decision process. The goal of AMARC is to make decisions that are carried out through the active participation of members. That is why if a member is called to vote and does not respond three times, it is automatically removed from the AMARC member database. All final decisions will be published online transparently and the name of the voters will be published or remain secret based on the decision of the voter.