• “Almost one third of solo shows in US museums go to artists represented by just five galleries” – (The ArtNewspaper 2017)
  • “85% of artists in major U.S. museums are white” – (Cornell University, 2018)
  • “Overall, 96.1% of artworks sold at auction are by male artists” – (Fabian Bocart, 2018)

Who is ODBK?

ODBK ​ is an activist organization that aims to create a more equal, diverse, inclusive, transparent and democratic art world. By using alternative economic systems, democracy, participative models like PARECON (​ participatory economics)​ , demarchy and referendums, ​ ODBK ​ builds both offline and online mechanisms to diversify and increase the number of active participants in the decision making which defines the current and future art world.
We want to see a bigger number of active participants in the decision making which defines the current and future art world. By decision making ODBK refers to the ability to influence the selection of artists in art spaces – public or private, known or unknown, the relevance and importance of artists and their works for the art world, cap-prices of artworks, and distribution of public funds for the arts. ODBK argues that this should be done and decided without influence from factors such as income, gender, nationality, social status and any other potentially altering kind of identity.
The ODBK has two main functions. The first is the facilitation of the understanding and appreciation of contemporary art for a wider number of people. This is realized through educational talks, events, and online and offline meetings.The second focus is the support of projects and initiatives that allow for influence on a grassroot level in the decisions that shape the art world and art market. Some of the main mechanisms that facilitates the implementation of the ODBK concept is the Art Market Regulation Commission (AMARC), the Pure Taste Indicator (PTI) and the Equality and Diversity Certification for Musuems and Art Institutions 


Our Vision

  • Where the institution, the artists and art lovers take the decisions for the art world, like the quality of the art works, the importance of the artists, the cap-price of the art works, and the selection of the artists to show in the museums around the world. 
  • Where all artists count with a window to promote and sell their art, and not only the ones who has an art gallery or a museum.
  • Where a percentage of the sales of artworks above 50 thousand euros goes to a fund to support emerging artists in their careers.
  • Where everybody can have the possibility to reach an educacion and understanding in contemporary art for free.
  • Where everybody can have the possibility to get an artwork even from the most famous artists.

meet the team

David Hinojosa
Mixed / New Media Artist (MEX)


Sara Foster
Art History and Philosophy (CAN)

Certification Program / Content Creation

Kasia habas
Institutions Management (POL)

PR / Media

Malina Klose
cultural studies (GER)

Evaluations / Partnerships

Fréhel Vince
Gender studies (FRA)

Content / Research