For whom is the ODBK?

The ODBK is for all participants of the art world, for people who advocate for equality, diversity and democracy and people interested in practical application of alternative economies.

Who can participate in the ODBK Projects?

All participants of the art world are welcome to participate in our projects.

How can I participate in the ODBK?

ODBK is currently running two projects: The Pure Taste Indicator and the T-Evaluations.

    •     If you are an equality and diversity advocate
      • You can support our project by using the next form and becoming part of our coalition to build a more equal, diverse and democratic art world
    •     FOR ALL
      • You can support our aim and become part of it, by becoming a donor.
      • You can join us as a volunteer as we need a lot of help to change the current     paradigm of the art world. If you are interested please send us a         message through our contact page.
What is the Art Market Regulation Commission or AMARC?

The Art Market Regulation Commission or AMARC is a coalition of three groups, that represents the art world and executes important decisions defining the contemporary art world based on a democratic process. These three groups are: the institution, the artists and the art lovers.

When you register at the ODBK, you are automatically part of the AMARC

What kind of decisions does the AMARC take ?
  • Calculation of the Pure Taste Indicator or PTI
  • Selection of the artists in the spaces: public museums, public art spaces,     spaces of non-profit organizations, private spaces certified by AMARC.
  • Cap-prices for works of art in the primary and secondary markets
  • Distribution of public funds for visual arts
What are my responsibilities as an AMARC member?

The only thing we ask of AMARC members is the responsibility and commitment to the decision process. The goal of AMARC is to make decisions that are carried out through the active participation of members. That is why if a member is called to vote and does not respond to three times, they are automatically removed from the AMARC member database. All final decisions will be published online transparently and the name of the voters will be published or remain secret based on the decision of the voter.

How frequently are evaluations executed by AMARC?

The AMARC require the members to execute evaluations of the work of artists one or two times per month. Nevertheless the AMARC members can execute evaluations called Referendums as many as he/she wants.

What is the Pure Taste Indicator or PTI?

The Pure Taste Indicator or PTI, is a new reference model for the art world proposed and built by the ODBK, originally created by DHAdmann in 2017.

The current paradigm of the art world is to measure the importance of the artist based on its fame and the fame of people and institutions related with the artist. PTI propose to measure the importance of the artist based in the quality of the work of the artist. The quality is measured by a consensus of a minimum of 30 people that integrate the AMARC

How the PTI is calculated?

The PTI is calculated usign evaluations made by the participants of AMARC, on every evaluation there are four parameters to evaluate in a quantitative matter : concept of the work, artwork itself, transcende for the art world and transcende for society.

The maximum qualification is 100 and the minimum is 1. The results of the evaluation are passed through formulas created by DHAdmann.

There are two kinds of PTI evaluations, referendum und demarchy, the referendum is exclusive for artists proposed by the ODBK that normally are main stream artists, and the demarchy is for emergent artist. In the referendum all AMARC can participate and for demarchy 30 AMARC members are randomly selected.

Who can participate in the Pure Taste Indicator?

The artists who want to know their PTI and being listed in the PTI artist list. And all participants of the art world executing the evaluations for the calculation of the PTI.

What benefits brings the PTI?

For artists:

    • Certified backup of the quality and price of the work of an artist
    • More visibility for experts in art from all over the world and -be discovered-
    • Get advice and feedback from experts in art from all over the world
    • Get references from experts in art to endorse your work
    • Compare the quality of your work with the ones of the “mainstream”

For participants of the art world:

    • Discover new values for the art world
    • Know deeply the work of emergent artists of all the world
    • Making extra money with the knowledge and experience in art
    • More visibility in the art world
    • Direct influence in decisions that define art world and what we know as art
I’m an artist, how can I be in the PTI List?

If you are an artist or represent an artist and want to be the PTI calculated and listed at the PTI Artist List, follow the next two steps:

    1. Register at the ODBK website, login, go to your profile page and fill the online forms in     the “General” and “Artist” tabs.
    2. Using the contact page send us a message that you are interested in being into the PTI Artists List
How can I participate in the PTI if Im not an artist?

Any participant of the art world can participate in executing the evaluations to calculate the PTI. To participate is necessary to register at the ODBK website.

At the referendums list you can participate at any time and for any artist you wish. For the demarchy you have to wait of being selected and the requirement of evaluation will come to your email.

There are three different levels of evaluators, and in function of your experience and knowledge in the art world, is the level you have. If you execute more evaluations is possible to upgrade of evaluator level.

What is a T-Evaluation?

In ODBK we realize that an artist never receive feedback about their work from the gallery owners or jury of the art contest. That’s why we provide a direct connection between the artist and the art world expert.

The T-Evaluation, is an analysis of the work of an artist executed by an expert of the art world. The T-Evaluation provide, information, feedback and advice to the artist about their work.

How to require a T-Evaluation?

Previously registered at the ODBK website and logged in, navigate the Evaluators list and click the button “Require T-Evaluation” for the Evaluator you wish to be evaluated. Then fill the “Require T-Evaluation” form and submit it. You have to wait for the response from the Evaluator accepting executing the p-evaluation.

Has the T-Evaluations a cost?

Yes, the T-Evaluations has a cost between 20 and 100 Euros depending on the experience and level of the evaluator.

How does the PTI influence and contribute to the art world?

The current art market lacks transparency. Very often, artistic creativity is overlooked or overshadowed by having connections, rich family origin, and knowing people in the right place. The lack of transparency also translates in the restriction of art market data, such as prices of artworks in the primary and secondary market. This leads to an art system susceptible to corruption, manipulation and speculation. The PTI reference model, free of these hidden variables, can change the paradigms of the art world so that the many and not the few, can decide what art we see.

How can I collaborate with ODBK?

You can contact us be sending us a message on our contact page on ODBK website. We would be happy to receive your request or your collaboration proposal.

Who has created and founded the ODBK and its Projects?

David Hinojosa (DHAdmann) Mexican New Media Artist and Activist, after ten yeas of research has created and founded the ODBK and Pure Taste Indicator in 2017. You can check more projects of DHAdmann at