The gallery´s program from the very beginning has been to offer a mixture of single artist exhibitions, group shows and thematic installations. Titles such as The Print and its Illustration and Women of the 20s and 30s coupled with International Contemporary Women of Photography have become the hallmark of Kaspar Fleischmann´s didacticism. In 1999, his twentieth anniversary exhibition Essences aimed at conveying the owner´s notion of the photographer´s artistic core, is being prepared.


Advice collectors and curate private and institutional collections throughout the United States and in Europe.

  • Searching works of art
  • Offer expert´s opinion
  • Supply information in the field of photography
  • Publish various catalogues
  • Edit texts on collecting and other topics

Galerie Zur Stockeregg is rigorous in evaluating the art which is brought to the attention of clients. We also assist in making choices which are enhanced by a thorough and sophisticated understanding of values.

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