6X100 DEI + Transparency for the Art World

Countdown to start the next discussion to create transparency for the art world [03.03.24 12:00]

Panel discussion about education equity as it relates to STEM education. From left, Dr. Ebony McGee, Dr. Shanika Hope, Dr. Monifa McKnight, Rudy Ruiz, and Byron Johns. Kid Museum at Metro Center in Bethesda.

DHAdmann / ODBK invites all art world community to join this project consisting of open discussions between the museums and the art community on how to create DEI + transparency for the art world.

The  ACTION consists of a 6-hour discussion in (and with) 100 important contemporary art museums/biennials/art institutes/art fairs. Together with the personnel of the museum (optional), ODBK, and the art community, the discussion will take place outside or inside the museum.

One of the mechanisms proposed by the ODBK is to create a transparency web application called ‘Art World Transparency Website’ to collect statistical information on the profiles of the artists selected, shown, and collected by the leading art institutions in different regions of the globe.

Everybody is invited to participate in the discussions inside or outside of the museums, the discussion will be documented and publicly published on a website that will also gather all mechanisms, procedures, and alignments suggested to create DEI + Transparency in contemporary art institutions and collections of the art world.

Every discussion will be transmitted in real-time on social media networks like Facebook and/or Instagram. All discussions will be documented with photographs and videos to publish on the ODBK social networks.

What are the goals of this project?

  1.  Reveal and gather real facts regarding the procedures of artists selected and collected by the leading art institutions.
  2. Create a platform and a mechanism to help stop inequality, lack of diversity and inclusion, and discrimination, among other variables in the art world.
  3. Propose and suggest to the art institutions mechanisms to promote equality, diversity, inclusion, and transparency in the art world
  4. Create benefits for a broader and more diverse number of artists

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