TEXTS FOR ART & CULTURE - individually profiling for international artists.

Addressing to international and German Artists who need help with methodically capturing of their opus into organised textual structure and a perfectly formed interpretation.

Your requirements are
Editorial work / Revision German and English texts dedicated to the art. Conversion of German text to English - vice versa. Other languages on request!

My specialities are short and long trailers, catalogues, speeches. Press releases – as desired you will receive fully prepared and structured material in e.g. 3, 9, 24, 47 lines of text.

Method of writing
If required I conduct in-depth interview with artists, visit them at their ateliers or invest research time in media ways. The essential part of my work is to illustrate and clearly depict the overall artistic perception in a holistic refraction to our reality - e.g. visual impressions such as colours, materials, light reflection, dynamics of processes and so forth, also the nexus of cultural and economic processes.

Individual profiling artists at work
Also I dispose of a data bank of many materials and techniques of fine arts and support you in the conceptual development of the opus in all didactic needs - conceptual supervision for your market presence, candidaturs, competitions, industrial contacts, didactic of exposition & etc.

Author / cultural manager (FH-Köln Design/Art, administration of the \'Kunsthaus Rhenania\' Cologne). Familiar with modern styles like Concrete Art, colour concepts, Object, Abstract, Light, Sound, Photography, Techniques of paint chemistry and coatings. Own developments of “light-conducting 3-D lacquer”. Therefore I also offer assistance with modern coatings.

To get to know each other the first contact is free in Berlin. Or request a quality check or any example texts. Inquiries from area Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt should to be sent to:

Bruno Toussaint, Prenzlauer Allee 45 a, 10405 Berlin, +49(0)30/84119957, +49(0)176/96388909, Mail nc-toussabr@netcologne.de

Personal experience background:
Bruno Toussaint was a participant in the exhibition: \"Lacquer Art Asia and Europe 2002\", East Asian Museum, Cologne as Lacquer Artist of the Year 2002. Education: FH-Köln, 1977 - 1982, glass painting / free painting, exam as the best of the year, postgraduate studies until 1986. Exhibitions with room-filling glass-ice installations after the painting \"Das Eismeer\" by C.D. Friedrich, Museum für moderne Kunst Hasselt / Belgium. During the 90\'s already first experiences with lacquers, development at FH-Köln for the process of photo exposure of mirror silver, 1994 - 2004 board member and director of the Kunsthaus Rhenania Cologne. 2004 - 2008 Development of so-called light conducting 3-D lacquer systems with expertise for SME and EU funding and research by the basic research centre Innovent e. V. in Jena.

Link: https://vimeo.com/103330344 Passwort ist Lichtleitender3-DLack

Important Exhibitions Attended

10 years experience as director of the Kunsthaus Rhenania in Cologne / Germany. Supervision, partly conception / curatoring of at least three exhibitions per month, supervision of design and music events and in-house projects of art academies and architecture projects. Overall management of the house as technical director and financial manager.

Own projects in Cologne, from 2008 in Berlin:
The first development of a three-dimensional lacquer system for gold was rewarded with an invitation to \"Asian and European lacquer art\" at the East Asian Museum in Cologne in 2002. Here I was honoured as the Lacquer Artist of the Year 2002 - with two Art objects as mobile phones of Nokia covered with gold leaf. Curator: Masako Shono-Sládek.

The further development to a multifarbgrafischen 3-D lacquer system resulted in the context of a promotion by Bayer Material Science, Evonic Degussa, Alberdingk Bohley, from 2004 - 2008. In the same year certificate for promoted research up to 330.000, - EURO for KMU enterprises by basic research center Innovent e.V. Jena. From 18.09.2018 SME funding up to 1,000,000 euros for the development of 3-D glass designs and 3-D color designs for the entire room.

After completing the research project, I work in cultural management in Berlin and support artists from the upper market segment with colour and surface treatment, development of entire work groups, up to the exhibition concept. The experience gained from previous research are helpful here.

Evaluations made