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Iván Cardona is an artist and practicing attorney, born in Bogotá (Colombia) in 1972. He graduated in 1996 from the University of Los Andes as an attorney at law and economist. In 2016 he graduated from Fine Arts, at the same University, with distinction of merit for his project: “Retórica [y] Cromática”. His artwork involves a critical and political sense, which emphasis on the chromatic features of the different materials used in his work. He also incorporates in his work the legal language and the archive as raw material. From the beginning, he has included a variety of media in his art production. In his first collective exhibition, at the Séneca Hall of the University of Los Andes, he presented a led pass message device with campaign slogans of past Colombian presidents. Afterward he made a piece from cutting out a newspaper file belonging to his father, keeping only the most repeated words. He has continued to create large-format murals and small artworks using fragments of Colombian newspapers of diverse political ideologies, cutting and pasting, rearranging chromatic scales of the journals, and averaging the most common colors, among other actions that he applies to each project. These art pieces have been exhibited in Colombia at the El Garaje Gallery, Art Cali, and the Museum of Bogotá Gallery. In 2016 he exhibited at the Nest Gallery in Bogotá three crocheted fabrics of different colors, blue, purple and sanguine, all three of them with the image of an ultra conservative public figure in Colombia. He also presented some covers of the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo that were woven in cross-stitch. He was invited as well to participate in the Re - Bandera project (2016) summoned by Más Arte Más Acción Foundation, exhibiting a flag inspired by the types of guilt in law, the piece was shown at the Memory, Peace and Reconciliation Center in Bogotá, Colombia.