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Based in Cairo, Egyptian artist and photographer Mohamed El Masry has received a bachelor's degree from Art Education College, Helwan University, 2004. He has finished intensive programs on visual arts and their social role, and how to employ arts to serve the society, correct behaviors, and practice social guidance. He has also received a diploma in photography and painting from Helwan University in 2006. He is a founding member in, a league for the winners of the Olympics golden medals in arts; a member in Roadto2010 since 2010; and a representative of in Egypt and North Africa. He participated in a number of biennales and cultural festivals from 2000 to 2018 in Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Germany, China, Indonesia, India, Zambia, Ethiopia, and Italy. He has won several awards, most importantly The Golden Medal for Arts in Beijing Olympics in 2008, The Olympic Torch of the winter Olympics in Toronto in 2006, and The Memorial Medal of Banja Luka City-Bosnia. Some museums and institutions have acquired his artworks in Cairo (The Museum of Egyptian Modern Arts), Indonesia, Madrid, Beijing (The Olympics Museum), and Bosnia.

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