ODBK  Artist’s work quality certification endorsement


The Organization for the Democratization of the Visual Arts, e. V. (ODBK) a nonprofit organization registered and based in Berlin, Germany certified that Mr. Rodrigo Licious validated the high quality of Marlene Dumas’s artistic work.


VALIDATOR: Mr. Rodrigo Licius

For 15 years as an independent curator, organizing projects for museums and art galleries around Europe. Author of many papers on topics like contemporary painting, democracy, and art. In 2020  published a book titled “Social Engagement Art”. His research turns around politics and art and institutional critique.

ARTIST:  Marlene Dumas

Marlene Dumas was born in Cape Town, South Africa. From 1972 to 1975 she attended Cape Town University, where she studied for a BA in Visual Arts. She then completed her studies in Haarlem, the Netherlands.

She has lived and worked in Amsterdam since 1976. Since 1978 she has exhibited internationally and is one of Holland’s most widely admired artists. In 1995 she represented Holland at the Venice Biennale, and in 1996 the Tate Gallery exhibited a selection of her works on paper. In the past, Dumas produced paintings, collages, drawings, prints, and installations. She now works mainly with oil on canvas and ink on paper.

The artist’s work from Mr. Rodrigo Licious’s words

Over the past four decades, Dumas has continuously probed the complexities of identity and representation in her work. Her paintings and drawings, often devoted to depictions of the human form, are typically culled from a vast archive of images collected by the artist, including art historical materials, mass media sources, and personal snapshots of friends and family. Gestural, fluid, and frequently spectral, Dumas’s works reframe and re-contextualize her subjects, exploring the ambiguous and shifting boundaries between public and private selves.


Mr. Rodrigo Licious highly recommends the work of the artist Marlene Dumas and extends this certification with the endorsement and veracity validation of the ODBK. This document is extended for the purpose and convenience of both parties.


07.10.2021, Berlin, Germany