Join to an exhibition that motivates and inspires equality, diversity and democracy for the art world

The Organization for the Democratization of the Visual Arts (ODBK) invites visual artists from all countries, working in all kinds of mediums to present an artwork proposal for an exhibition that motivates and inspires equality, diversity and democracy for the art world.

A selection of 50 artworks will be shown in a permanent online exhibition on the website of the ODBK and 10 artworks will be selected to be shown in an art gallery in Berlin, Germany in March 2021. The deadline to present the artworks proposals is 15.01.21

Bases of participation:

  • All visual artists can apply from all nationalities and all art mediums
  • For painting, drawing, print: the maximum size of the proposed artwork is 80 x 90 cm
  • To apply: click here register at the ODBK and after logging in follow the instructions displayed at the screen.
  • The deadline to apply is the 15.01.21
  • There is no fee to apply
  • The name of the 50 selected artists and their works will be shown at the ODBK website and social media.
  • For the ten selected artists an interview will be published and will be screened at ODBK’s website and social media and during the exhibition.
  • The process of selection will be a democratic process, executed by the artists, participants and the members of the ODBK community who together conform the Art Market Regulation Commission (AMARC). The results will be published on the 14.02.21
  • The shipping and handling costs of the artwork from the original location to Berlin will be covered by the artist. The artwork’s shipping and handling cost from Berlin back to its original location will be covered by the ODBK.
  • For any questions concerning this project please send us an email to


With your support we can build a more fair art world, where the money and opportunities are more equally distributed between all art world communities. If you are an artist and want to help us with our aim, donate one or more of your works to our mission. With your art we will look for resources to make our community bigger and reach our aim. If you wish to donate an artwork, click here to send us a message.