Next Pure Taste Indicator Workshop/Conference/Happening:

  • Centro de Arte Bernardo Quintana  Queretaro Mexico 13 September 2021
  • Museo de Arte Contemporàneo de Queretaro, Mexico 6-7 October 2021
  • ArtsUnchained Democracy for arts Residency Wendy Network Berlin 25 October 2021



The Pure Taste Indicator is an alternative reference system for the art world. This is free of these variables because it is obtained based on democratic processes like PARECON, referendum and demarchy. This brings a change of paradigm making art valuable based on the taste and knowledge in the art of three groups who compose the art world: artists, art lovers and the institution.These groups is so called the Art Market Regulation Commission (AMARC).

In the process of the Pure Taste Indicator calculation, a minimum of ten persons of each group are selected randomly to evaluate four parameters that represents the quality of the artist work using their taste and knowledge in art. The Pure Taste Indicator is also used to calculate the cap-prices of the artist work to avoid speculation.
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With this workshop, DHAdmann, artist and founder of the ODBK, seeks to bring attention to current problems in the art world and introduce a new way of thinking. DHAdmann will present previous attempts to democratize the art world, discuss the challenges of it and propose new ways of creating alternative reference systems. There will be an ongoing discussion during the workshop as ODBK believes it is important to involve a wider group of the society, and from there build a more democratic approach.

ODBK and DHAdmann want the current system to be reconsidered and questioned, and by doing so, believes that the scene will open up for new alternative systems that will co-exist together with the current one. With this workshop, we invite you to be a part of the dialogue.

    • Background

– History of the democratization of the art world and art market
– Artists and the democratization of the art world and art market
Joseph Beuys, Marcel Broodthaers and Andrea Fraser

    • The democratization of the art world and art market

– What is it?
– Why are the democratization of the art world and the art market hard to realize?

    • The system of the current art world and art market

– How does it work?
– What are the current and future problems?
– Possible solutions and answers

    • Proposal for the democratization of the art world and art market

– ODBK – Organisation für Demokratisierung der Bildenden Kunst
– AMARC – Art Market Regulation Commission
– Pure Taste Indicator

    • Pure Taste Indicator

– Mechanism – How does it work?
– Advantages and disadvantages
– Possibilities and obstacles

    • The Pure Taste Indicator in practice

– The participants will use the mechanism of the Pure Taste Indicator to directly influence the decisions that define the art world and art market