Giacomo Colosi

As an artist I have been researching ways in which Art can be applied to the everyday life, fact, and fiction, not only as its dispositive for self-reflection but as a way to generate and install models and have possible interactions that could provide new ways to engage, and involve, people - relationship by my body and world. Vulnerability absence experience and memory are the focus on my research to create a relationship or reflection with the audience. I use a raw, humorous and absurd style to blur the lines between art and life suggesting in what believe to constitute a“reality” that matters, a human action/situation rather than any definition of “everyday reality” based on standard normalcy or social code we create. In my work I present various modalities to engage the memory experience or absence vulnerability, it is not only the responsibility of the work to negotiate with the audience but also the work requests the time to create a dispositive and deal with people in a direct way or in a way completely invisible. The work can be in any city, in any place or medium, I can consider the art something “nomad" in a way that is temporally in the long term, using small gestures to maintain some codes and change others with some intuitions. I use my body like is a unit of measure for making art, not only in term of size but also as time, resistance, Durance, mentality, interaction etc. The goal of the work is not only a way to create a space for thinking or debate ideas or rules but try to show contradiction, paradox in different context and realize a possibility to make an Arte "Inesistente/Invisibile” (Non-existent art or invisible) but the work will be manifest as if they were coincidences, and this can create a real Art Work even when the action is a simple gesture. Everybody can do it, just ask yourself what are your skills and where you want to do. The work can be in a Museum, on a street, in an Institutional or public space.
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