Tullio Manca

In my general works, I focus on creating introspection into people or concepts of life. I developed an attitude toward existentialism. I observe and read people struggle between their ego and nature, intended as the act of existing. My videos express certain subconscious and archetypal questions of the human kind, which since ever we pose without answering. In several of my movies, I touch upon the relationship between life and death or humans and time. Sometimes I take inspiration from a person’s life, other times from a sound, a place or an image. Writing poetries help me to dig down into my subconscious and understand better myself and my art. In order to do so, I combine creative practice with intense study of philosophy, history, sociology, and politics, and I aim to express my intellectual work through the artworks. In fact, I believe that art needs to have the power to touch the intellectual side as well as the emotional one. I do not intend to deliver my personal message to the audience through the movie but my goal is to pose questions to them. I think that the best thing I can do, as an artist, is to unchain certain deep and subconscious archetypes, ultimately doubting and the reality that surrounds us. I want the audience to interpret the movie as they wish and let their creative minds generate a personal meaning, and potentially to think about something that they have not think before. If art is actually made in this way with this goal, it can influence and modify the way we all think and the artist, therefore, would become the essential figure of the progress.
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Artist in Demarchy process