About this referendum

Trough this referendum you will evaluate the quality of the work of an artist. The result of this I called the “pure taste” indicator. The “pure taste” indicator is an evaluation of the quality of the work of an artist, without hidden variables used in the current art market to speculate with it.
With the results of this referendum and the “DHAdmann *Pure taste* indicator and cap-price formulas”, the *Pure* taste indicator of an artist will be calculated and published as soon the minimum quantity of evaluations are completed.

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Artist presentation

Born in 1972 in Stockholm, Sweden, Annika Larsson lives and works in Berlin. Her practice is concerned with power struggles and the notion of the gaze, uncomfortably positioning the spectator as a voyeur. Her works indefinitely postpone resolution as a means of exploring desire. They operate by frustrating expectations of a climactic event, which has increasingly become synonymous with the cinematic experience. Larsson?s videos often depict power relations between dominant and submissive male figures, cast within decidedly undemocratic hierarchies. They suggest partial narratives and ambiguous situations that seem to occur within indeterminate spans of time, distended through the use of minimal electronic music. They often transform social rules of conduct into coded gestures within hermetic rituals. Spliced with fragmented images of body parts reminiscent of both fashion photography and Western iconography, Larsson?s videos push objectification to an extreme, hollowing out her subjects to the point of breathing icons.
Source :http://www.aptglobal.org/en/Artists/Page/4884/Annika-Larsson
Annika Larsson

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