MACS - Museu de Arte Contemp. de Sorocaba

macsgMACS is a private museum run by people from civil society, including entrepreneurs, artists, educators, intellectu
It is an eminently artistic and educational cultural institution, a dynamic andals and cultural producers. Oscip was founded in 2004 with the aim of creating and managing a contemporary art museum in the city of Sorocaba.
plural space that prioritizes the diffusion of visual arts. Democratic, open and accessible to all sections of the population and its collection focuses on contemporary Brazilian art.

The main objective of MACS is to be a cultural institution of excellence, with a forward-looking vision, and capable of operating at the same level of quality as the most outstanding similar institutions in the country. Its programming has a strong educational concern and includes the most varied artistic and contemporary trends.

The decentralization of culture is one of the important characteristics of this museum. The museologist Prof. Dr. Fábio Magalhães is responsible for the museum project and Artistic Director of the museum, in addition to being one of the biggest enthusiasts and supporter of the project since its beginning.

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