MoCA - Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing

MOca_beijingThe Museum of Contemporary Art in Beijing (MoCA Beijing) is located in the picturesque setting of the Art Center Park in Songzhuang, Beijing. This extends over almost fifty hectares and thus allows enough space for creativity and activity to unfold in a natural, calm and peaceful environment.
MoCA Beijing is committed to realizing the exchange and promotion of contemporary art. The museum was established to develop the state of contemporary art in a systematic and comprehensive way with an emphasis on science, literature and exhibitions, to encourage interaction and integration from multiple perspectives and levels and to cooperate with one another. MoCA Beijing works with international museums and partners and realizes three to five exhibitions by independent curators every year. It is an academic platform for international artists and for a lively artistic exchange.
The museum was originally founded as a gallery for Chinese professional artists. The first exhibition took place in the early 1990s. Selected Chinese works were shown that did not correspond to the mainstream, but rather sent an important message. Finally, MoCA Beijing combines contemporary Chinese art with international contemporary art and forms an artistic bridge between East and West. The museum is a place of encounter and inspiration for all art connoisseurs, art lovers, collectors and those who want to become one.
MoCA Beijing has also organized many international and national exhibitions. Some examples from the past are: “China’s Modern Painters Exhibition” (Beijing) “China’s Avant-garde Painting Exhibition” (Hong Kong) and “Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition” (Berlin). Current exhibitions and shows are beyond: “Contemporary Art Evolution“, “What is China“, “The Will of China“, “Chinese Expression“, “Undoing Shuimo“, “Zero State“, “Forms of the formless“, “Kinetic Art “and” Critical Connections “. This range of services is highly praised by national and international artists. After all, MoCA’s goal is to be a source of inspiration for contemporary international art. The museum works tirelessly to do this
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