The Anthony Reynolds Gallery is represented in Gallery 6 at the Royal Academy of Arts. The exhibition features paintings by Mark Alexander.

About the gallery
Anthony Reynolds Gallery represents the front line of international contemporary art. Apart from the 20 artists exclusively represented by the gallery, the work of over 200 artists has been presented in more than 150 exhibitions over 17 years. At any one time the Gallery usually has at least 30 exhibitions in planning or execution all over the world.

Best known for the discovery of exceptional young artists, and the development of their careers over the long term, the gallery has also focused on the work of true independents of all generations in all media. The only guiding principles in selecting an artist have been an instinctive conviction about the importance of their work and a perception that within their chosen area of endeavour they are leading the field. Therefore there is no stylistic thread running through the programme, but strong elements of surprise, independence and aesthetic and intellectual stimulation link the exhibitions. Many of our artists were first exhibited here and have since gone on to become major figures in the international arena.

The gallery was established in a large space near the city in 1985 and moved to the West End in 1990. The Great Marlborough Street building opened in September 2002 and has a unique character that reflects the singularity of our standpoint.

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