Gallery Program

Today the spectrum of the BAUKUNST GALERIE includes a wide, but decided program of international, contemporary art, which integrates young and classic positions. The focus is put on aesthetical concepts, which deal with space and perception of colour as well as sculptures and installations for the indoor and outdoor space. This way the long standing tradition of the gallery in the tension between art and architecture has found its consequence and progressive continuation in the present.

In the field of painting the main emphasis is placed on the abstract expressionism and the monochrome and non-figurative painting – for example Phil Sims (USA), Frederic Matys Thursz (USA) and Juan Hernández Pijuan (E). Beside exhibitions with works of etablished artists as Sam Francis, Eduardo Chillida and Mark Tobey the Baukunst Galerie focuses on the promotion of young artists of international origin as Qin Yufen (CHN), Blanca Muñoz (E), Oliver Dorfer (A), Lisbeth Johansen Sjøvoll (N) and David Lindberg (USA). Photography is represented by classics as Henri Cartier-Bresson, but also by young positions as Inta Ruka (LV) and M+M (D).

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