For 35 years Galerie Ernst Hilger has been a catchword for interesting stocks of masterpieces of classical modern art and international as well as Austrian modern art after 1945, for negotiating art deals on a high level, and for innovations when it comes to turning science and art into partners.

With our graphic art editions we have been able to motivate many, who are interested in art, to take up collecting. Works by Pablo Picasso or Joan Miró, by Roy Lichtenstein or Andy Warhol, by Georg Eisler or Mel Ramos, by Hans Staudacher or Alfred Hrdlicka – many artists were and still are closely associated to our art gallery in Viennas Dorotheergasse. With this success, several major sponsors have been giving us their support in recent years, which has helped us to promote young artists from Austria and Central Europe. At the Siemens_artLab at Dorotheergasse 12, which was newly designed by Leo Zogmayr, young artists can use this platform for their first professional presentations. Internet presentations and international exhibitions round off the picture. The interaction between these poles results in an enormously wide field of work, which shows that Galerie Ernst Hilger continues to support lesser known artists in their initial take-off and their further career paths.

hilger contemporary was set up to accommodate modern photographs and contemporary art. It has become a first contact point for contemporary artists and those interested in their artistic work, featuring programs that are exciting and balanced, as well as surprising and unique in the fields of photography, painting, or concept and object art. In addition, hilger contemporary has become an interesting location for collectors and new entrants to the art scene.

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