Thomas Levy Galerie established in 1970, the gallery shows the works of Classic Modernism as well as Contemporary Art with a focal point on Pop Art, Nouveaux Réalistes and young Contemporaries. Represented artists for example are Allen Jones, Marc Lueders, Richard Lindner, Meret Oppenheim, Mel Ramos, Daniel Spoerri and Annette Streyl. The Gallery is publishing in conjunction with the Kerber Verlag exhibition catalogues for our own Gallery program as well as for Museum exhibitions of our artists. For example the Museum’s travel exhibitions of Daniel Spoerri, Mel Ramos and Meret Oppenheim. Recent Gallery exhibitions are in 2007, Daniel Mohr Back to Nature (01-02), Juergen Brodwolf The last portrait of Meret Oppenheim (02-04) and Allen Jones The Magicians (05-07.
A very important focus of the THOMAS LEVY – GALERIE also is on contemporary sculpture and installations for outdoor and indoor space: The gallery shows 3-dimensional, non-and figurative art by international artists like e.g. Horst Antes (GE), Allen Jones (GB), Wulf Kirschner (GE), Rainer Kriester (GE), Giuseppe Maraniello (I), Josep Riera i Arago (E), Daniel Spoerri (CH) and Annette Streyl (GE).

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