About this referendum

Trough this referendum you will evaluate the quality of the work of an artist. The result of this I called the “pure taste” indicator. The “pure taste” indicator is an evaluation of the quality of the work of an artist, without hidden variables used in the current art market to speculate with it.
With the results of this referendum and the “DHAdmann *Pure taste* indicator and cap-price formulas”, the *Pure* taste indicator of an artist will be calculated and published as soon the minimum quantity of evaluations are completed.

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Artist presentation

Robert Morris is a preeminent American Conceptual and performance artist. Regarded as one the early proponents of Minimalism, he famously observed that ?simplicity of shape does not necessarily equate with simplicity of experience.? In one of his best-known series, Morris hangs sculpted pieces of heavy felt on the wall, the resulting shape drooping, acting as a challenge to the traditional medium of painting while offering an entirely new form of sculpture.http://www.artnet.com/artists/robert-morris/
Robert Morris

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