[:en]Lisa Paul Streitfeld

Lisa Paul Streitfeld is a philosopher and art critic based in Berlin. As a newspaper art critic she tracked a new millennial art movement arising from underground in the shadows of the international art market based in New York City. In her function as novelist, critic, curator and New Media artist, she developed a new art theory, the hierosgamos (sacred marriage), defining the emergence of new forms in literature, music, art and film. In 2010, she embarked on her global (R)evolution Series for Huffington Post Arts. This brought her to Berlin, where she discovered the contemporary art revealing the archeological connection between the hierosgamos icon at the origin of civilization and the city’s reunification. Having written her Ph.D. dissertation redefining Nietzsche’s Übermensch through this icon, she is currently dedicated to communicating her discoveries with the public.



Eli Stevick

I grew up in the United States in Cement City, Michigan. I later moved to Ypsilanti where I studied for my BFA in Printmaking and Sculpture at Eastern Michigan University. Most of my work during university consisted of narrative works based on an absurdist mythology I created. This eventually led to a performance project I call T​he Church of COTU and the Super Genius. I preach on a soapbox in a broad striped suit while passing out “free knowledge” in the form of a pamphlet. The content uses metaphors based on linguistics, physics, and determinism. I continue exploring narratives such as this in film and guerrilla theatre while my 2D and 3D work has become less specific. I am curious about maintaining a small degree of ambiguity to allow my work to have potential for multiple interpretations.


Liz Magno

Liz Magno is a self confessed Art “Junkie“ who has looked at art from as many eras and as many cultures in as many locations as possible. She believes art is a visual language that requires study just like any spoken language to be fully understood. An artist who recently moved to Berlin, she has exhibited in the US, Italy, Japan and the UAE. She has a degree in Psychology as well as having attended the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Geoffrey Roubin

Geoffrey Roubin. graduated master degree with thesis on a more sociological/film matter
(Korean director: Hong Sang-soo; transformation of Korean identity in Films)
I was born in france, i lived abroad a bit (South-Korea, now Berlin).
So far i’ve been only exposed and thus sensitive to the “film” “category” of contemporary art but I’m sure we’ll make some great lectures and i’ll learn a lot from others!

Sabina Kaczmarczyk

Art historian and film editor from Wroclaw,Poland. She spends time reading news, watching films and drinking wine. She worked in art institutions and film studios in Berlin, Rotterdam and Wroclaw. Recently moved to Berlin, she is looking for her place to be. She wants to become an art patronage one day.


Andrea Bodnárová

Music, art, architecture and literature enthusiast, an eternal student. At the moment, a distance student of Masaryk University in Brno, studying Musicology and Cultural Management. Studied English literature in past. Likes going to concerts, discussing interesting things, drinking coffee and playing with kittens. [:]