An alternative way to endorse and certify the quality of an artist’s work


People in the art world know the difficulties that artists have to go through in order to get noticed. In this race, evaluations or references from prominent art figures are very helpful but difficult to get. They might take years costing artists a lot of money, as well as blood, sweat, and tears. This might be especially hard for artists without the connections or resources to achieve this type of recognition. However, in the ODBK we believe this process shouldn’t be so complex and that the opportunities available to artists with set evaluations should be available to all artists, regardless of connections or income.  

The Solution: an easy, affordable, and alternative way to endorse and certify the quality of an artist’s work

We believe one of the problems of this system of references and validation in the art world is the lack of access that certain artists have to these experts. Because of this, with the aim of leveling the playing field, we have created a system to bridge the gap between artists and experts in art (curator, gallery owner, art collector, art critic, etc.). Top experts in the art world can use the ODBK endorsement mechanism to create an Artist’s Work quality certification. The certification can be used by experts in art to validate and reference the high quality of the work of an artist. Artists can use the certification in their CV as a probe of validation by an expert in art, as well would work being selected by a curator for a show or appearing in a magazine by an art critic. ODBK plays the role of endorsement of the certification made by the expert in art.


The process is very easy and simple. The expert in art fills the next form: Artist’s Work quality certification, There are two conditions for the certification to be approved and published: the first is that the expert in art has to register at the ODBK website  (at the registration form has to click the check box to become a top evaluator and fill the fields next to the check box, Once registered, log in to fill the evaluator information form by editing your profile and filling in the forms at the “General Tab” and “Evaluator Profile” ) and the second is that the information of the expert in art and the artist will be verified.

Does it have a cost?

The first 100 Certifications will be done for free, after this number is reached it will be charged 20 Euros for the administrative costs of verification for each certification.

Where I can find the certificates?

Click here to see an example of an Artist’s Work quality certification endorsed by the ODBK

Be part of a change in the art world!

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