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I have directed my recent artistic research in order to generate a strong scream to awaken us from globalized political indifference .The works I have produced last year tell a story , every painting is linked to the previous and the next by a common thread that I represent with a river of candies , why the candies, because the pollution is created by our wanting always to buy items that are presented to us with beautiful colors and shapes , useless things that we throw away after a while , it’s a bit like the situation of Adam and Eve with the apple, the candies represent us, represent the pollution, represent the tears, everything. I live and work between Italy and England. After having achieved a High School Diploma in Fine Arts in Cassino FR Italy, I have continued my studies in the Academy of Fine Arts in Aquila Italy where I have brilliantly graduated with First Class Honors. My artistic training has developed for years with Fabio Mauri ,with whom I have exhibited in various art shows. I have has also exhibited worldwide with important artists met during my artistic journey such as Ilija Soskic - Ugo Dossi - Hidetoshi Nagasawa - Pavel Smith - Paul Wiedmar etc along in numerous solo shows in highly qualified cultural venues.