Angela Bulloch

Bulloch was born in 1966 in Rainy River, Ontario, Canada. She gained her education at Goldsmith?s College in London and was a part of the famous Freeze Exhibition in 1988, organized by Damien Hirst in an empty London Port Authority building, which announced the development of the Young British Artists. Spanning a wide range of media, from video and installation to the sculpture and painting, the artist explores the systems, patterns, and rules, focusing on the creative territory between mathematics and aesthetics. She is recognizable for her ?pixel boxes?, commonly made of beech wood with a plastic front screen, characterized by changing and pulsing colors that transfer complex visual patterns into simple shifting monochromes. During the time, besides beech, she adopted their production in copper, aluminum, and corian, getting closer to the minimalist heritage and liberating colors of pure abstraction. Since the early 2000?s, she advanced her ?pixel boxes?, using them as components of sculptural installations, creating different structures, from towers to floors, to bog screens which translate various scenes or changing abstract color compositions.
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Number of evaluations: 3
Concept: 85.00
Artwork: 85.67
Relevancia Mundo del Arte: 78.33
Relevancia Sociedad: 80.33
Pure Taste indicator: 75.83
Cap-price of an original artwork A4 size: 4,562.62 Euros