Bernard Frize

Bernard Frize considers himself a laborer that produces paintings, channeling the mantras of Minimalism and ?self-revealing painterly materialism.? He often works with defined operations in his work, be it coordinating the strokes of his assistants or applying a very specific number of strokes to a canvas. These operations become the subject of his work, linking him to the process-based Color Field painters. Some of his most well-known works consider passing time, utilizing dried paint ?skins? from the tops of paint cans or paint trays as collage elements or subjects on canvas. Frize considers the act of viewing a durational act, with an obvious link to the present that is also open to reconstitution in the future. He revels in the ways his art escapes language?it is a product of his immediate operations, yet continues to demystify art production by transforming with each new interpretation.
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Number of evaluations: 2
Concept: 50.50
Artwork: 59.50
Relevancia Mundo del Arte: 32.50
Relevancia Sociedad: 25.00
Pure Taste indicator: 40.15
Cap-price of an original artwork A4 size: 2,281.31 Euros