Franz West

Franz West, (born Feb. 16, 1947, Vienna, Austria?died July 26, 2012, Vienna), Austrian artist who garnered acclaim for his contemporary collages, furniture, and sculptures that ranged from portable objects to large brightly coloured installations in public parks. West repudiated the provocative and often violent performance-style art of the Vienna Actionists that dominated the Austrian art scene in the 1960s in favour of more accessible art, including his Passt?cke (Adaptives), small plaster or papier-m?ch? objects designed to be handled by the viewer, and The Ego and the Id, a pair of massive colourful aluminum loops that end in stools on which passersby can sit, which was installed in 2009 in New York City?s Central Park. West began creating drawings and collages in the 1970s and then studied (1977?82) at Vienna?s Academy of Applied Arts under sculptor Bruno Gironcoli.
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Number of evaluations: 3
Concept: 90.67
Artwork: 94.67
Relevancia Mundo del Arte: 77.67
Relevancia Sociedad: 92.67
Pure Taste indicator: 80.29
Cap-price of an original artwork A4 size: 4,896.47 Euros