Luciano Fabro

Luciano Fabro, (born Nov. 20, 1936, Turin, Italy?died June 22, 2007, Milan, Italy), Italian artist who was grouped with the avant-garde Arte Povera movement, which emphasized ?poor,? or raw, materials, though Fabro never fully accepted the characterization. Fabro?s best-known sculptural works included Il buco (The Hole, 1963), a mirror with part of the reflective backing scraped off; Sisifo (Sisyphus, 1994), in which a cylindrical piece of marble leaves a pattern when it is rolled through a rectangle of flour; his Piedi (Feet) series, which include paws and claws made of such materials as marble and bronze; and a series of reliefs in the shape of the Italian peninsula. Fabro was the subject of a 25-year retrospective at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in 1992, and in 2001 his work was featured in the traveling exhibition ?Zero to Infinity: Arte Povera, 1962?1972.?
Number of evaluations: 3
Concept: 81.67
Artwork: 73.33
Relevancia Mundo del Arte: 75.00
Relevancia Sociedad: 70.00
Pure Taste indicator: 71.37
Cap-price of an original artwork A4 size: 4,173.13 Euros