Markus Lupertz

1941Born April 25 in Liberec (former Reichenberg), Czech Republic (Bohemia) 1948Family emigrates to Rheydt, Rhineland, formerly West-Germany 1956-61Studies at the Werkkunstschule Krefeld with Laurens GoosensEducational stay at Kloster Maria Laach, where he paints the Crucifixion Paintings (Kreuzigungsbilder)Works as a coalminer for one yearFurther studies in Krefeld and at the Kunstakademie D?sseldorfWorks in road constructionTravels to Paris 1961Begins working actively as an artist 1962Moves to BerlinBegins series of ?Dithyrambic (Dithyramben)? paintings
Number of evaluations: 1
Concept: 55.00
Artwork: 4.00
Relevancia Mundo del Arte: 15.00
Relevancia Sociedad: 44.00
Pure Taste indicator: 26.76
Cap-price of an original artwork A4 size: 1,613.61 Euros