William Eggleston

William Eggleston, in full William Joseph Eggleston, Jr. (born July 27, 1939, Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.), American photographer whose straightforward depictions of everyday objects and scenes, many of them in the southern United States, were noted for their vivid colours, precise composition, and evocative allure. His work was credited with helping establish colour photography in the late 20th century as a legitimate artistic medium.https://www.britannica.com/biography/William-Eggleston
Number of evaluations: 2
Concept: 82.00
Artwork: 82.00
Relevancia Mundo del Arte: 77.50
Relevancia Sociedad: 60.00
Pure Taste indicator: 71.37
Cap-price of an original artwork A4 size: 4,173.13 Euros