Shaima Dief

I am committed in my work to dig and research more in culture heritage in relation to the concept of hybrid creatures and super Heroes. As in ancient Egypt the five Goddesses Mut, Sekhmet, Bastet, Hathur and Nut, all either creation Goddesses or earthly Goddesses of certain functions, and all heroines for more than three millennia, play alongside subjugated / conservative and liberated female codes, symbols and / or forms in a narrative that combines fiction and reality. Therianthropy (the mythical ability of human beings to metamorphose into animals by means of shape shifting) has inspired the human race for five millennia within Eastern and Western cultures. I am interested in every culture that gave birth to hybrid creature as in Egyptian mythology that Many children are perhaps most familiar with the Disney version and adults are familiar with the Modern American culture which has created animal-human hybrids as super-heroes, like Batman, Spiderman or Cat woman who can overpower evil forces, which threaten mankind. Contemporary western cultures seem to reach for Therianthropy in ancient culture iconography to create digitalized and mechanized images in movie/cartoon characters. Meanwhile, the culture identity –in Egypt- is extremely reach and visually multilayered that worth attention and modernized revival of our own heritage instead of giving the complete role to the USA box office to introduce the next super hero.
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Artist in Demarchy process