Mohamed EL Masry

I completed my studied at the Faculty of Art Education for 5-years. My studying involved subjects like: Art and community empowerment through artistic practice, integrating community groups in Art practices in which shall foster the life of the on a long-term. Also during college I could learn about Art History, art production and skills. After that, I studied received my 2 years Diploma in painting, sculpture, Ceramics…. I have 16 years of experience in the field of Art in Egypt and in worldwide through different participations in art biennial, art activities and ceremonies in addition to art exhibitions. Also I was part in Curating for a number of Art activities, designed an interactive activities with communities, and i worked with Africa colors foundation and a number of Art foundations to mobilize Egypt Role in Africa in terms of the arts and to enhance connections between the North and the South,Basic concerns are around the collective production of the community, the metamorphic elements within the community, which reflect the general mood of society and reforming its innovation into special forms.
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Artist in Demarchy process