Joseph Klibansky

Joseph Klibansky (Cape Town, 1984) is a prolific, Dutch artist with a large global following, whose artistic practice blurs, since 2008, the thresholds between digital photograph, painting and sculpture. Various types of artworks can be identified within his creative language, that generally follows three different paths: digital urban landscapes conceived with a dreamy-like, imaginative world, and sculptures, that usually depict subjects borrowed from the contemporary world combined with a sense of playfulness as well as his new body of work entitled “Thought paintings”, painted canvases with a collage of silkscreens. Klibansky metabolises the stereotyped reality spread by the new media, and gives us back a life beyond the surface, projecting symbols of contemporary multiculturalism and consumerism in the expanded and surprisingly innocent dimensions of his works. Art Critic Demetrio Paparoni has stated about him: “Joseph Klibansky’s work examines the relationship between a thing and its essence, between what we see and what an image implies. Klibansky ventures into the territory of phenomenology and revisits matters related to perception that have fascinated philosophers and art historians, and have equally captured the attention of artists.” Starting from 2011 Joseph Klibansky has been working on sculptures and environmental installations, developing his attitute towards the thre-dimensional vision. His sculptures can be considered of post-conceptual tradition, enriched with a powerful, visual aesthetic and an ironic approach. They are usually made with precious materials, such as polished bronze and gold leaf. In his practice Klibansky blends playfulness, technical perfection and a deep analysis of nowadays obsessions with an ironical touch. The artist has the ability to combine classic art techniques with the most advanced technologies, such as 3D modeling software and post-production image editing. More on:
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