Pedro Mainman

He is a researcher of human nature, expresses what he perceives of it in canvases. Finds and shares the immense wealth of the being. Investigates and discovers. "My inspiration is human emotions" and so are the stories that these suggest, the human beings, their lives, real or fictitious, almost archetypal and his own life adventure. "Each of the characters portrayed in my paintings has something of my most vulnerable part", which turns out to be a great universal since as human beings we share dreams, desires, joys, fears, pain, sadness or melancholy ... along with the rest of Humanity, "It´s amazing how the deep and core of people s lives is sometimes connected beyond gender, borders or even time". All the works of this "galerie pathétique" reflect the fusion between the vulnerability of the portrayed and that of the painter himself. "They represent the hero inside each human being, still standing, still strong after the battle." We can intuit that something radical has happened in the lives of the characters but they remain standing with dignity, as finding beauty and strength in their own drama.
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Artist in Demarchy process