Nicolas Rupcich

"What is an image and how do we work with them nowadays?" is a recurring question in Nicolás Rupcich’s work. The computer desktop is a visual representation of the physical world, but this relationship of thing and its image has been reversed nowadays: the visual conventions of the screen shift to our expectations of the physical world. The bright and glossy aesthetics of the post-produced digital images influences our perception of reality. Nicolás Rupcich s work deals with these effects of the digital image production systems. Parallel to his interest in the influence of technology on image production, Nicolás Rupcich deals with questions about time perception. With his works he wants to simulate the experience of other temporalities. How do the conventions of digital media affect our perception of time? , And how could we understand non-human, time?. The interest in the technological development the media for image production can be seeing in the experiments that Nicolás Rupcich does with digital recordings, 3D animation and digital post-production softwares among other digital tools. He understands this tools as content in itself. For Rupcich each action within an interface has a symbolic meaning, this allows that many processes within the softwares, like the compression of an image or changing the proportions of a 3D model could become the starting point for an idea for a project. The digital tools in their material reality are inspiration and content of his practice.
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