Get evaluated and referenced by a professional of the art world

People in the art world know the difficulties that artists have to go through in order to get noticed. In this race, evaluations or references from prominent art figures are very helpful but difficult to get. They might take years costing artists a lot of money, as well as blood, sweat and tears. This might be especially hard for artists without the connections or resources to achieve this type of recognition. However, in the ODBK we believe this process shouldn’t be so hard and that the opportunities available to artists with set evaluations should be available to all artists, regardless of connections or income.  

What is the solution?

We believe one of the problems of this system of references is in the lack of access that certain artists have to these experts. It is because of this, that in the aims of leveling the playing field, we have created a system to bridge the gap between artists and evaluators. Through its database of art-world participants called the AMARC (Art Market Regulation Commission), artists can apply to get valuable feedback from top experts in the art world. Once the process is done, they will receive an honest evaluation and, if this is positive, an endorsement that they can add to their CV. The ODBK will also maintain and publish a page on the website which will include a certification of the reference. 

How is the process?

Artists can register on the ODBK website. Afterwards they can choose an expert on the list of the Top-Evaluators members of the AMARC to elicit an evaluation for a small fee. Once the fee has gone through, and the evaluator has examined the artist’s work,  they will send an evaluation to the artist. If the evaluator considers the artist’s work can be recommended, an option will be activated to create an automatic recommendation letter that the artist can download and add to his CV to support his work. 

Artists can register for feedback and endorsement quickly and easily using the next form at this link =>

What are the fees?

The fees vary between 40-100 Euros. This amounts to a fee paid to the evaluator that constitutes 80% of the total payment and the rest 20% paid to the ODBK for administrative costs. Attention! We are in the Beta Phase of this project so all top evaluations for the moment are for free!!The ODBK is a non-profit organization. Because of this, the role of the ODBK is purely transactional and mediator. 

Become a Top-Evaluator

To become an evaluator you have to register at the ODBK website. Once registered, log in to fill the evaluator information form by editing your profile and filling in the forms at the “General Tab” and “Evaluator Profile”. The ODBK team will receive and evaluate your application. All application will be considered by a committee. After approval, the evaluators profile will be on the experts list on the ODBK website, where artists can find them and solicit an evaluation. The evaluators will receive a payment for their time and expertise, regardless of the results of the evaluation. 


Example of Endorsement Certification by ODBK

Click here to see an example of an Artist’s Work quality certification endorsed by the ODBK

Be part of a change in the art world!

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