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As a multidisciplinary artist I produce paintings, sculpture and installations. My collaborative research with scientists, direct anatomical observation in pathology and human dissection labs, and my own curiosity have led me to explore unique and hidden worlds. As the first artist-in-residence at The Millennium Seed Bank (MSB) I have worked alongside scientific researchers at Kew on the Secret Structures project, investigating seed dispersal among certain plant species. The finished work illustrates and encapsulates the seed’s journey toward germination, and can be seen at the MSB until October 2018. My work with Kew is ongoing and I am currently in discussion regarding future projects. Microscopic, molecular worlds also influence my work, which engages and challenges the viewer’s inward and outward perception of scale and perspective. ‘Flightpath’, in the MSB, is a depiction of a seed’s trajectory spanning just twelve centimetres in nature, but stretching over four metres in its sculptural form. In painting, the micro and the macro combine and play against one another, as abstract, figurative, natural and non-natural structures interweave, and plant, animal and other biological forms are framed in indeterminate spaces that call into question the viewer’s ability to ‘read’ them in terms of size, orientation, their status as things ‘living’ or ‘dead’, as whole or eviscerated. In common with the themes of my MSB residency, these works incorporate environmental concerns, such as the issue of oxygen depletion in the oceans (hypoxia) or jellyfish population explosions that mirror the growth of human populations.  My practice often features a dominant line that governs its narrative focus. In 'Flightpath’ the line is that of the airborne trajectory of a ‘slipper orchid’ seed. The line – constructed with steel and LED illumination – alternates through the five colours of the slipper orchid. In painting, the dominant line begins as a single brush stroke, from which grow l