Social Engagement Art: Society Is Art

by Julie Krejčí Artistic value has always been the at the centre of debate when it comes to understanding why art is such a vital part of our lives. Scholars have not been able to come up with a definitive answer, perhaps because there is not supposed to be one. Isn’t one of the most [...]

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Book Censorship As an Exercise of Exclusion not Protection

by Julie Krejčí The beauty of literature lies in its ability to momentarily transport people and give them insight into the lives of others. One may never know what it is like to grow up as a person of color, experience living in an abusive household, or struggle with one’s sexuality or gender identity in [...]

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We Belong Here Too

by Julie Krejčí Art is freedom – the one element in life that is so primal, so humane, it is regarded as one of the first form of self-expression. The process of creating art is one that allows you to share your experiences, as a way of coping with what you have lived through, while [...]

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Why is necessary the Democratization of th Art World?

The Art World is currently ruled by a system susceptible and influenced by variables that have nothing to do with art, like corruption, manipulation, speculation, among others. It is really necessary to do something now, in order to uncover the true meaning of the art hidden behind the interest of an elite of collectors. Click [...]

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What does it mean the “Democratization of the art world”?

Many people and companies have used and misused the term “Democratization of the art world” to sell more products or create a cool and trendy image. There are a couple of old or wrong concepts that have been related or connected with this term, for example: that the Democratization of the Art world means that [...]

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