When Inclusivity Looks Like Exposure

By Julie Krejčí On February 22, Museum Hue in partnership with Hester Street has taken a massive step forward towards inclusion and recognition of art by black, indigenous and all people of color as they launch of the HueArts New York State (NYS) interactive map and directory. The map includes 130 art entries all throughout [...]

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ANIMA MUNDI ACADEMIA (AMA) and IAF ANIMA MUNDI is an alliance designed to unite art and culture with science-based organizations and innovative professionals. Our programs are becoming increasingly interdisciplinary and involve a diverse sector of activities. IAF ANIMA MUNDI association was born to be the platform of a new high culture, longing for transcendence and [...]

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Decolonizing Art II. Art History

by Julie Krejčí Last week we looked at the origins of decolonization and its connection to art. Today I want to delve into art history, as a means of showing the past in its full complexity. The academic writing regarding decolonizing art history is somewhat slim, with the exception of the article “Decolonizing Art History” [...]

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Decolonizing Art I. The Beginning

by Julie Krejčí The Western world; sparkles from the outside, while rotting rapidly on the inside. The very strategies that brought it to where it now has only stolen, destroyed and appropriated cultures all around the world. Modern imperialism and colonialism have been part of European history ever since the 15th century. One might assume [...]

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Just Stop Oil And Van Gogh’s Sunflowers

by Julie Krejčí On Friday, October 14th, two activists from the environmentalist group Just Stop Oil, Phoebe Plummer and Anna Holland, glued themselves to the wall in the National Gallery, London after throwing tomato soup Van Gogh’s notorious painting ‘Sunflowers’. Plummer urged: “What is worth more, art or life? Is it worth more than food? [...]

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David Hinojosa Admann

Director and founder of the ODBK

Originally from Mexico, David Hinojosa Admann now lives and works in Berlin. With a background in computer science and marketing, Hinojosa Admann studied and obtained his MFA in Madrid 2003, and has since exhibited extensively throughout Europe and Central America. In 2005 he launched Stockartist.org, a stock exchange for artists and an online art market simulator. This was shown at ARCO Madrid, in Arte Alameda and TransitioMX, and named one of the most influential electronic artists in Mexico. He worked as an advisor for Artfacts.Net developing the "artist ranking" and online tools for art collectors. In 2016 founded the Organization for the Democratization of the Visual Arts (ODBK) a activist organization whose objective is to insert a new economic model and reference for the art market, ODBK currently has more than 600

members from around the world. Hinojosa Admann’s practice ranges from traditional media, like drawing and painting, to multidisciplinary and media and artistic research. His projects address the relationship between conceptual art, commerce, and democratization of the contemporary art world. David Hinojosa Admann’s work critically, and sometimes humorously, reflect on the circumstantial phenomena of the art market.



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