Interview with Antonia Alampi, Director of Spore Initiative Berlin

by Savanna Fortgang Hi, Savanna, my name is Antonia Alampi. I am a Southern Italian, Berlin based curator and art historian who has worked in a series of different institutions. Places ranging from working in Beirut, in Cairo, and in Berlin initially at Savvy Contemporary. I am currently the artistic and executive director of, Spore [...]

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Art is free! But not without rules

by Sofia Reyes In a significant move to combat discrimination and promote inclusivity, the Berlin Senate has announced a new requirement for public funding in the cultural sector: introducing an anti-discrimination clause, making it mandatory for cultural institutions to commit to combating anti-Semitism and all forms of discrimination. Senator for Culture Joe Chialo captured the [...]

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Two Euros Closer to Exclusion

by Sofia Reyes Berlin’s State Museums have recently increased their entrance fees, signaling a move away from the ideal of free access for all. It is evident that the initial vision outlined in the 2018 coalition agreement of the CDU and SPD, aiming to increase free admission to federally funded cultural institutions, has faded or, [...]

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“Take the Money and Run”: Artistic Rebellion or Legal Dilemma?

by Sofia Reyes In 2021, the Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg partnered with Danish artist Jens Haaning, known for exposing social injustice in his art. He was given 532,549 DKK (more than 70,000 EUR) to create two blank canvases with those same banknotes inserted into the artwork, representing the average wage in Denmark and [...]

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Silenced Voices: The Disconcerting Postponement of the Berlin Muslim Life Exhibition

by Sofia Reyes In November 2023, a gallery in Berlin made the controversial decision to cancel photographer Raphael Malik’s art exhibition, intended to capture the lifestyle of the Muslim community in the city. The artist shared the rejection message on his Instagram, indicating that, due to the current political situation, they had decided not to [...]

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David Hinojosa Admann

Director and founder of the ODBK

Originally from Mexico, David Hinojosa Admann now lives and works in Berlin. With a background in computer science and marketing, Hinojosa Admann studied and obtained his MFA in Madrid 2003, and has since exhibited extensively throughout Europe and Central America. In 2005 he launched, a stock exchange for artists and an online art market simulator. This was shown at ARCO Madrid, in Arte Alameda and TransitioMX, and named one of the most influential electronic artists in Mexico. He worked as an advisor for Artfacts.Net developing the "artist ranking" and online tools for art collectors. In 2016 founded the Organization for the Democratization of the Visual Arts (ODBK) a activist organization whose objective is to insert a new economic model and reference for the art market, ODBK currently has more than 600

members from around the world. Hinojosa Admann’s practice ranges from traditional media, like drawing and painting, to multidisciplinary and media and artistic research. His projects address the relationship between conceptual art, commerce, and democratization of the contemporary art world. David Hinojosa Admann’s work critically, and sometimes humorously, reflect on the circumstantial phenomena of the art market.



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