How ODBK will remove racist prejudices from the art world?


59c7f0be0aa1bc2891eae40a_21480057_1720835471552000_1117412381450829824_nAs I mentioned in other posts, there is a lot of evidence that the art world is defined by just one type of person: the white heterosexual man. Is it also clear that also other sectors of the society are ruled by this type of person and until we don’t do something about it, things will remain the same. So I assume that the majority of the people are happy as it is, and I really hope I’m wrong with this sentence. But if you are one  who doesn’t feel comfortable with this situation and want to do something about it, at least in the art world, here we are to support you and become your ally.

The only way to remove the racist prejudices of the main decisions that define the art world, is not leaving it in the hands of a few decision makers. ODBK has created a mechanism based in a new paradigm, this mechanism is a channel where a bigger number of people can influence in that decisions, and it is not based in convenient friendships, money, interests, relationships, etc.  but in something who anyone has and can improve with the love for the art, and this is your knowledge and experience in art.  If you want to know more about the mechanism of the ODBK click at this link: