How can I change the art world?

903-29-512This question could take you to a deep meditation, but the first question that comes after reading this one, could be why the art world should change it? When we do a little research of the statistics of distribution of the money and power, fame and importance in the art world, you will see that something is wrong. You will find hundreds if not thousands of articles and news about corruption, nepotism, speculation and manipulation in the art world. And this information takes you to another question, should it always stay as it is? Can we do something about it? And this is the reason why of the existence of the ODBK and its aim.

The way you can change the art world is by participating in the ideas and projects of the ODBK, because that is our purpose, the power of decision of how art is appreciated and valued, is not reserved by an elite but by a wider and diverse number of participants that integrate the art world. The Pure Taste Indicator or PTI is the first indicator who measures the importance of the artists and its work, not by a manipulated “fame” but by the knowledge and experience of thousand participants of the art world. We mean that the knowledge and experience of every cell that composes the art world can have the power to influence what art is for this generation and the future ones. So in a concrete way, the way that you can change the art world is participating in the different evaluations that ODBK offers on their website. If you want to have more detailed information of how to participate write us to