TIamsa publish ODBK/PTI article and invitation to participate

TIAMSA-Logo-300x181-1Tiamsa is one of the most important worldwide organizations that study the art market. It gathers many of the most influential academics of the art world. We want to thank you to the organization and specially to Véronique Chagnon-Burke, Ph.D. academic director of CHRISTIE’S , Johannes Nathan Ph.D. Tiamsa Chair and Inna Schill Tiamsa Editor for the publication of the article and invitation to participate to the ODBK/PTI at their website:

Launched in July 2016, TIAMSA – The International Art Market Studies Association is a rapidly growing association with currently more than 300 members (May 2020) from countries worldwide. TIAMSA encourages the study of art markets of all regions and periods and provides an infrastructure which supports both research and networking among art market professionals and scholars.