How a new reference model will help to create equality, diversity and democracy for the art world?

[:en]image-assetEvery day of our lives we use references to perceive what is “good” or “not good” for us, but not only that also to perceive what is big, small, heavy, rich, poor, etc And normally this system of perception is based in our personal experiences, but when we lack of experiences we use the “experience” and “knowledge” of “experts” in the subject and we trust in their judgment. But for the art world this mechanism happens in an unusual way (also for others sectors of the society and economy). First the people who look like “experts” in many cases are not, but they present us as “experts” using their money, marketing and power and second they don’t use knowledge but money, marketing and power.

So they use the current reference system based on “Fame” because this is very susceptible and manipulable to variables like corruption, speculation, traffic of influences, nepotism, etc. “Fame” puts the artists and the art they wish in the “high value” of our perception and we use to trust in them. This elite of powerful men is the one who has been dictating what art is for this and the next generations, making the art world unequal and undemocratic. But not anymore, because even when this mechanism lives in the unconscious of our society, it is possible to bring it to the conscious and substitute it. ODBK is offering a new reference system based in knowledge in art and taste of representative groups that compose the art world, and all persons who integrates the art world can participate and influence it. More info at